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Understanding Childhood Obesity and the Essential Role of Parents

| Attention Parents |

If your child is obese, then you MUST read this.

You cannot afford to be unaware of the serious health risks associated with childhood obesity. As a loving, caring parent, you only want the best for your child – but you may not know how serious those extra pounds are. Did you know that your child could face serious health risks, such as:

  • Elevated Cholesterol
  • Breathing Problems
  • Overexerted Heart Muscle, Causing a Higher Risk of Heart Disease or Heart Attack
  • Diabetes
  • Sleep Apnea (Stopping Breathing While Asleep)
  • Weaker Bones and Muscle Problems
It’s imperative that you help your child maintain an appropriate weight for his or her height and age – and if you’ve got just 5 minutes, I’ll tell you how to…

Help Your Child Lose Extra Pounds and Maintain a Healthy, Appropriate Weight – Without Any Suffering at All!

Unfortunately, parents are victims. We live in an age of McDonald’s, video games, convenience and technology. It’s harder than ever to make sure our children are at a healthy and appropriate weight.

With many families containing two working parents or a single parent that works – it’s difficult to watch every single meal our children eat.

16% of children ages 6 to 19 are overweight or obese – and the numbers have tripled since the 1980’s. Obesity is becoming a global epidemic, putting all of our children at risk.

YES! Tell me now how I can protect my child from the devastating health risks of Childhood Obesity!

Our children are not going to save themselves – it’s up to us to ensure that they are healthy and happy. It’s not just our responsibility…it’s our duty. Take a look at the shocking statistics below:

  • Nearly a third of all US children ages 4 to 19 eat fast food every single day. A fast food meal has gone from an occasional, high-fat treat to an essential part of most children’s daily lives. It shouldn’t be this way.
  • Of the children who were born in the year 2000 in the US, nearly 30 percent of boys will be diagnosed with type 2 diabetes at some point in their lives; and 40 percent of the girls.
  • Overweight children and adolescents have a 70 percent chance of becoming overweight or obese adults and the risk is increased to 80 percent if there is an overweight or obese parent.
  • Obese children have a higher risk of heart disease, diabetes, stroke, and other major illnesses.

These are just a few of the alarming statistics that obese children face. As a parent, these must make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. It’s frightening to realize how obesity affects our kids – but it’s something we have to face if we want to fix the problem.

I want to learn right now how to fix the problem and protect my child!

In our society, obesity is encouraged much more than it’s discouraged. Babies who are chubby and angelic-like are often regarded as more beautiful. Children with pudgy, rosy cheeks are fawned over.

Commercials on television ask you whether your child is getting enough milk, enough cheese, enough juice…making you question your parenting and even whether you’re showing your child enough love.

Even one popular cookie commercial utilizes the power of ‘family,’ showing children and their parents racing to eat the cookies – making it seem like a regular, normal activity you might engage in if you’re a ‘good’ parent.

With all of these different signals coming at you, it can be extremely difficult to determine whether you’re making the right decisions regarding your child’s diet. That’s why I’m excited to tell you about…

Understanding Childhood Obesity and the Essential Role of Parents

This is an E-book designed to help you take control of your child’s diet and ensure that he or she is getting precisely what they need and no more – and that you’re supporting a healthy, appropriate weight.

child obesity1 Understanding Childhood Obesity and the Essential Role of Parents

It takes the guesswork out of the equation and answers the nagging questions you have about your child’s nutrition. Just some of the information you’ll find in this book includes:

  • What daily foods your child should be eating. These are the foods that are essential for good growth and development in your child.
  • Which foods they should be eating sparingly – the kinds of foods that could end up as problematic and cause more weight to be gained.
  • How to introduce your child to healthier foods that they may be averse to in the beginning – and how to sneak in healthy foods.
  • How much exercise your child should be getting each day – and what qualifies as exercise. Did you know that something as simple as jumping rope can be an excellent exercise for your child?
  • What questions and topics you should bring up with your doctor. Should your child be taking medications or vitamin supplements? How much overweight is your child and how much weight should they lose? How quickly should they lose this weight? These are all valid questions that you should ask your child’s pediatrician. Find out which other ones you should be asking.
  • And much more!

I want to get my copy of ‘Understanding Childhood Obesity’ now and start implementing the techniques and information to help my child maintain a healthy weight now.

button r58 c9 Understanding Childhood Obesity and the Essential Role of Parents

It’s Never Too Late to Put Your Child on the Fast Track to Great Physical and Mental Health! One of the most important things you can do as a parent is teach your child great eating and exercise habits. These habits will serve him in his teenage years and on into adulthood.

The habits he learns from you will go a long way toward determining his health – whether those habits are bad or good.

The Heart-Breaking Side of Childhood Obesity:

The health risks are not the only issues your child faces if he or she is obese. There is another, heart-breaking side that your child will most likely face as well.

Children can be very cruel, and overweight and obese children are often teased, made fun of, and left out of social circles at school and in play groups.

Activities as simple as taking part in physical education class can be embarrassing for your child, making it even more difficult for your child to maintain an appropriate, healthy weight.

Overweight children often experience upsetting situations at school, such as:

  • Being called terrible names that reference the child’s weight.
  • Being left out of fun activities or never being selected for group activities.
  • Not having any friends.
  • Being embarrassed to eat lunch at school, because they’re afraid of being teased.
  • Being the victim of physical violence or humiliation.

These are things no child should ever have to experience, especially for a condition that is simply not his or her fault. Situations like these can have long-lasting, traumatic effects and can even influence the child’s adult relationships.

From a mother of a previously obese child:

My son came home each day crying and begging me to let him stay home from school the next day. Kids were attacking him on the playground, calling him ‘fat boy’ and other mean things. He told me that he didn’t have any friends, and even the teachers would comment about his weight. Once, a teacher at school asked my son if he “really needed that” when he purchased an extra milk at lunch.

After I would comfort my child, I’d go to my own room and cry. I was heartbroken for him and wanted to keep him home for good to shield him from the terrible things he had to face. He was a 9-year-old child who deserved only to be loved and be happy, but his life was filled with sadness. It’s something I’d never wish on anyone. As a mother, to watch your child hurt is the worst form of torture.

Depression and anxiety are often side effects of this kind of treatment, which can lead to other health problems. It’s a vicious circle that no parent ever wants their child to have to live through. In adolescence, situations like this can lead to even more serious health conditions like eating disorders or thoughts of suicide.

Obesity is a terrible condition whose hands reach out and take hold of every facet of your child’s life. That’s why it’s so important to get ‘Understanding Childhood Obesity and the Essential Role of Parents’ today and take a stand against obesity.


Chicago, United States

Please help me prevent or stop my child from going through these terrible ordeals now!

You want your child to:

  • Feel physically healthy and well, with low risks of serious health conditions.
  • Have a healthy heart and organs that function as they should.
  • Be expected to live a very long life.
  • Be included in sports and group activities at school, feeling happy and on the same level with his or her peers.
  • Understand healthy food choices and unhealthy food choices, and opt for the ones that are good for them.
  • Exercise frequently, building strong bones and a strong immune system.
  • Feel happy, well-adjusted and free of depression and anxiety.

You can help your child accomplish all of these things with the ‘Understanding Childhood Obesity’ E-book today. You’ll learn all the methods and helpful hints of getting your child to eat healthy and exercise, losing the extra weight and feeling great.

You’ll find out the traps it’s easy to fall into as a parent, and learn how to avoid them so you’re not setting your child up to become obese.

Even if your child isn’t obese or overweight, this book can benefit you, because you’ll learn how to prevent obesity in your child.

Did you know that if your child is overweight right now, he’s at an increased risk of experiencing symptoms like these?

  • High Cholesterol
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Insulin Resistance and Diabetes
  • Joint and Muscle Problems
  • Asthma or Trouble Breathing
  • Sleep Problems Like Insomnia and Sleep Apnea
  • And Much More

Don’t let your child become a victim of one of the most preventable diseases in the United States of America. Utilize the proper nutrition and diet tools that this book will provide you with to ensure that your child is healthy and happy. Prevent your child from developing lifelong habits that encourage obesity, diabetes, heart disease and other health complications.

Now is a great time to stand up


your child’s health!

burst r43 c54 Understanding Childhood Obesity and the Essential Role of ParentsWhen you order today, you’ll receive some special FREE BONUSES that will help you to ensure your child’s health even further.

Free Bonus #1:

Amazing Weight Loss & Health Tips – This E-book is jam-packed with amazing tips that will make it that much easier for you to help your child lose weight. It doesn’t have to be too difficult to take the extra weight off and ensure that your child is at a weight that is correct for his height and weight. This book contains facts that will help you on your journey to protect your child and maintain his health.

Free Bonus #2:

Fun of Getting Thin – How to Be Happy and Reduce the Waistline – Losing the weight does not have to be a traumatic experience for your child. In fact, it can be a fun process that helps your family bond while your child gets healthier and healthier. Learn the secrets needed to keep your child happy while he reduces his waistline and increases his health!

Free Bonus #3:

How to Make Weight Loss Fun For Kids – This is a great companion to ‘Understanding Childhood Obesity.’ It will show you some tactics and techniques that you can use to help your child have fun while he loses weight. In fact, the techniques and exercises are so fun, it will easily become an enjoyable habit for your child, that keeps him healthy through his adolescent and adult years.

Free Bonus #4:

Chinese Herbs – Prevent and Cure Illnesses – For hundreds of centuries, the Chinese have been using nature’s own medicine cabinet to stay healthy and counteract unhealthy conditions. You’ll learn how you can utilize this ancient knowledge to prevent illnesses and even cure illnesses that it may seem like there’s no hope for.

That’s over [insert amount] worth of products and information – but you’ll get them all for free when you grab ‘Understanding Childhood Obesity’ today.

YES! I want to get my copy of ‘Understanding Childhood Obesity’ today, so I can take advantage of the FOUR FREE E-BOOK BONUSES!

burst r50 c17 Understanding Childhood Obesity and the Essential Role of Parents

My Personal Guarantee to You

If you’ve researched at all, you’ve most likely seen other sites offering childhood obesity resources. It can be difficult to know which one you should trust. I can assure you that my only goal is to help you maintain your child’s health.

Together – we can beat the global epidemic of childhood obesity. The statistics don’t have to keep getting worse and worse. We can see definite improvement if we are pro-active and take a stand against this heart-breaking condition.

burst r45 c26 Understanding Childhood Obesity and the Essential Role of ParentsThat’s why I want to give you my personal guarantee. You’ll get a lot of useful, helpful information from this book that you can implement to help your child lose weight and maintain health. If you’re not satisfied with this book, you simply let me know and I’ll give you a full refund of your money – no questions asked.

There’s absolutely nothing to lose and there’s no risk involved – in fact, the only risks involved are if you DON’T grab this book today and start implementing the information and techniques into your life.

So, What’s the Cost?

‘Parents Guide To Child Obesity sells for $39.99 – less than the cost of just one doctor visit…and the book is not going to rush through the information you need just to get to the next patient. You can read the information whenever it’s convenient for you, referring back to important points and utilizing the information for years to come.

huge saving size1 red Understanding Childhood Obesity and the Essential Role of Parents

However, the first 30 individuals can purchase this book for $19.99 – nearly 50% off! It’s so important to learn what you can do to help maintain your child’s health. There’s so much more to it than taking a daily medication or ensuring that you make your scheduled doctor’s appointments.

Like the statistics above state, when you’re better educated about your health, your child has a better chance of living a fuller and healthier life.

I want to be one of the first 30 individuals and claim my copy of ‘Parents Guide To Child Obesity’ right now for $20 off the regular price!

If you don’t stand up for your child today

who will?

button r58 c9 Understanding Childhood Obesity and the Essential Role of Parents


Selva Sugunendran

P.S. Remember that there is no risk involved. If you’re not happy with the information and the techniques available in this book, you’ll receive a full refund with no questions asked.

P.S.S. Don’t forget that you’ll receive all 4 FREE Bonus E-books with your copy of ‘Understanding Childhood Obesity.’ These E-books are great companions and will help you make the most of the information and techniques available in the Understanding Childhood Obesity book.


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